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Gastric balloon
Take a quick trip to the city border of Nuevo Laredo and get the best results for your weight-loss journey. The gastric balloon is a temporarily non-surgical procedure where the stomach has less room for food. You can anticipate quality and professional services from this outstanding clinic.
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Approximate times
View the times for gastric balloon procedures.
Gastric balloon
Procedure: 1:00 hr.
Hospital recovery: 1:00 hr.
Home recovery: 1:00 hr.
Total: 3 days
Note: Time may vary according to the specific patient procedure. All cases and treatments are different. For diagnosis and information contact one of our top clinics.
View the prices for gastric balloon procedures in Mexico.
Gastric balloon
USA price: -
Our price: -
Savings: -
Note: Prices shown may vary according to the patient’s specific needs, treatment, and materials. Get an estimate directly from the clinic. All prices are expressed in USD and may be changed at any time with no prior notice. Prices are not final representations.