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Maxillofacial clinic in Piedras Negras testimonials

Erik Daza
Patient, Piedras Negras 06/05/2018
bullets Always address your concerns and take his time answering your questions. Could not recommend anyone more for this or any other maxillofacial procedure.
Chesi Cardenas
Patient, Piedras Negras 04/20/2018
bullets If you need some type of maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Alejo is undoubtedly the right one. Even after my surgery he called to see how I felt, which speaks very well of him.
Jose Luis Guzman
Patient, Piedras Negras 05/13/2017
bullets An excellent service, 100% quality, professional, and a good treatment.
Perla Borrego Neaves
Patient, Piedras Negras 03/31/2016
bullets Thank you Dr. Alejo for the surgery of my wisdom teeth.
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