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Patient, Guadalajara 03/20/2019
bullets Excellent service! The doctor was very clear explaining the diagnosis. He explained everything perfectly clear. During and after the surgery I had no problems and he was always very attentive. Highly recommendable!

Patient, Guadalajara 07/12/2018
bullets My experience with Dr. Christian Le Roy was really good, I needed an operation and he took me step by step about the procedure to help me understand and gave me peace. The surgery left me with a perfect vision and improved my quality of life.
Ana D.
Patient, Guadalajara 05/30/2018
bullets Excellent doctor and highly recommendable.
We took our daughter to an appointment, who has a language disorder, and the doctor was very patient and tried everything to make good communication with her to get an accurate diagnosis. The facilities have up-to-date technology and the doctor is highly professional with good attention and takes time to explain every question.
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