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Maxillofacial procedures in Mazatlán

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Maxillofacial surgery focuses on those conditions affecting the mouth, face, and jaw. Some patients are good candidates to have two procedures done simultaneously to improve their facial structure or overall health. See the clinic procedures for more information and prices.
The maxillofacial clinic in Mazatlan offers excellent patient care and quality services at affordable prices. The clinic is managed by an experienced specialist that delivers safe and reliable methods to help patients get natural-looking results.
Cheek implants
Cheek implants are used to improve the contour of the face. Depending on the desired results, the specialist will help you choose what type of implant goes better with your face.
Dental implants
Dental implants provide a natural-looking smile to patients that are missing one or more teeth. With this procedure, patients can restore their ability to eat comfortably.