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Neurosurgery specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system that require complex or minimally invasive surgery. Among the most common conditions are back pain, migraine, epilepsy, and tumors. Get more information about the most popular neurosurgery procedures in Leon.
The neurosurgeon in Leon has the experience and knowledge to offer an accurate diagnosis, as well as a treatment that suits your lifestyle. His years of experience support it as the best option.

Additional neurosurgery procedures in León

Brain aneurysm repair
A brain aneurysm appears when part of the blood vessel weakens and pops out like a balloon. Surgical treatment consists of repairing the blood vessel and preventing a rupture. The most commonly used methods are endovascular embolization and clipping.
Chronic subdural hematoma
A chronic subdural hematoma occurs during trauma that causes veins in the brain to rupture causing blood to accumulate between the brain and the dura. Its treatment consists of making small holes in the skull to facilitate the drainage of blood.
Lumbar puncture
A lumbar puncture is a type of test done to help diagnose disorders of the central nervous system. During the test, the neurosurgeon removes a sample of the cerebrospinal fluid that is analyzed in a laboratory.
Vertebral augmentation
This surgery is done to treat vertebral compression fractures. The methods used can be vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty; Both are intended to stabilize the spine and relieve pain.