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Kris Hilton
Patient, Ajijic 03/26/2020
bullets I would like to give my highest recommendation for the EyeCenter of Chapala. In January, 2020 I, after a thorough consultation and exam, chose to undergo elective lens replacement surgery in which I had my natural lens replaced with a trifocal lens. As an active person who hikes, plays raquet sports, swims and is always on the go, glasses were a nuisance. After much research on the procedure and much research in choosing a doctor I decided on Dr. Claudia Lilia Comanche Choza. The initial exam and follow up appointments were in Chapala and the actual surgical procedures were done in Guadalajara. We were staying in Ajijic for two months and I was easily able to take a local bus to my Chapala visits. We hired drivers for a very reasonable cost to drive us into Guadalajara (and they waited) and back to Ajijic for approximately $70 USD each trip. The surgical procedure did not take long, I was sedated and very comfortable. The anesthesiologist I remember as being particularly kind and gentle. I was completely AMAZED and delighted with my new vision. It was astonishing. There were several limitations to my daily routine while healing for the next two months but everything requested of me was doable. During my follow up visits I did see each doctor in the practice and each and every one was professional, caring, informative and patient. I cannot emphasize how much I appreciate them all. I did develop a not uncommon complication about one month after surgery (nothing related to the surgery itself) and received the most immediate and concerned care from the doctors at the EyeCenter. Any email I sent to the center with my worries or questions were answered promptly! I even had Dr. Choza’s cell phone number though I never used it. This is completely different care than what I am used to and it was incredible. I had several unanticipated follow up visits and all were included in my original cost (which, by the way, was $9,000 LESS than the US price for the same procedure). The office is clean and filled with state of the art equipment. When I returned home (Gallatin, TN USA) I immediately made a follow up visit with a local doctor whose clinic specializes in eye surgeries. This visit was covered by my insurance as I was going in for a follow up on the complication I had. The doctor and his staff did a thorough eye exam and a scan using an OCT machine and assured me that my situation was resolved and that my implants looked “perfect” and that my vision was 20/20. All in all, my experience with the EyeCenter of Chapala was very very good and I readily and heartily recommend them for any eye procedure you are considering.
Stefan Gundrum
Patient, Ajijic 02/07/2018
bullets All the best to the best eye doctor!!!!!!!
I had my eyes done it's a new live!!!
Casa Arbol
Patient, Ajijic
bullets Nice office. Very friendly, super professional and multilingual.
The best ophthalmologist in the area!
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