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Orthopedic procedures in Ajijic

Woman with pain in the shoulder
The arthroscopy can be used to diagnose and perform in most orthopedic procedures with the advantage of leading to shorter hospital times and minimal scarring. Get more information about the procedures available in the clinic.
Visit the best clinic in Ajijic and get excellent results in all orthopedic procedures. The facilities are well equipped to meet the patient’s needs and to provide international quality services so you can have a pleasant experience.
Herniated disk
A hernia disk occurs when a portion of the internal part of the disk pushes into the spinal canal. Usually, surgery is recommended after other forms of treatment were proved unsuccessful.
Bone fracture repair
When a bone it’s exposed to a high force or impact, it might cause it to fracture. Some fractures only require a cast while much complex will need surgery to help the bone get back to its place.