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Orthopedic procedures in San Cristobal de las Casas

Woman with pain in the lower back
With new technologies like arthroscopy, orthopedists can diagnose and treat injuries in the same intervention, allowing patients to save time and medical expenses. Get more information about the procedures available in the clinic.
Visit the clinic in Chiapas and get a first-hand experience of professional care with a certified specialist that provides each patient with high-quality services and delivers excellent results.
Herniated disk
One of the most common causes of back and leg pain is a hernia in the intervertebral disks. There are multiple non-surgical treatments to minimize pain and discomfort. However, if the pain is too severe surgery can be advised.
Bone fracture repair
A fracture is caused when the bone is pushed into a force greater than what it can support. Depending on the gravity of the fracture, surgery or an external fixation might be needed to help the recovery process.