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Orthopedic procedures in Nuevo Laredo

Woman with pain in the shoulder
Chronic pain and discomfort are among the most common symptoms in the joints. Depending on your condition, arthroscopic surgery can be performed to help you get back to your normal activities with less pain.
Nuevo Laredo and its sister city of Laredo are one of the most vibrant cities along the borderline. With our orthopedic clinic located near the border, patients can arrive with ease and receive the international and professional services they seek all while enjoying a quick trip to a city full of museums and local history.
Herniated disk
The bones in the spine have a disk that reduces the impact of the movements like walking or running. Sometimes these disks will protrude a bulge that presses against the nerve, causing severe pain. Treatment varies from physical therapy, rest and surgery.
Herniated disk
U.S. price: $23,000
Our price: $10,000
Savings: 56.52%
Bone fracture repair
When a bone is exposed to a high impact or force, this can cause it to crack or fracture. The most common causes are sports injuries, falls, osteoporosis and repetitive movements. The treatment is based on the immobilization of the bone either with a cast or surgery.