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About Medical Tourism Mexico

We thoroughly research a doctor’s education and experience to pick out the top specialist that Mexico has to offer. We aim to provide clear information to our visitors to ensure well-informed decision making.

We also aid in facilitating travel for our clients by providing useful information about the destination’s local attractions prior to travel. Our clients can trust our extensive verification process and rest assure that they will receive the best healthcare service Mexico has to offer.
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Our verification process includes:

Not all heath care providers in Mexico have their medical license, that’s why we prioritize to find the best specialist in each city, so you can rest assure you’re visiting a top licensed specialist. Our network focuses on quality over quantity.
Bilingual attention.
The doctors and staff speak English and Spanish as their two main languages.
Quality materials
All the clinics handle international renowned quality brands and materials in their procedures.
Valid medical license
All the specialists and clinics have a valid Medical License that we confirm directly with the Mexican professional register.
Continuing professional development
The specialist has provided additional diplomas and certifications to confirm that they have the education to perform the medical procedures with excellent quality.
In the medical field years of experience matter, that's why we only invite specialists that have a minimum of 5 years' practice in their specialty.
Up-to-date equipment
The specialist is trained and familiar with the newest technologies and procedures available to ensure you get the best service.
Well equipped facilities
We make sure that the doctor has access to a certified hospital or installations that have the equipment needed for the procedures.
Stable prices
We make sure that doctors have stable prices for all their patients.
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If there’s any additional information you would like to see from a clinic or have any suggestions that will make our information more complete, let us know.
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