Number one Medical Tourism destination in America

With certified doctors, advanced technology, quality services and destinations conveniently located in border cities and important touristic points, Mexico is the second medical tourism destination for patients around the world.
When you select one of our clinics, you can be convinced that they have passed our verification process where we make sure that they meet the requirements to offer professional services at a fair price.
1.2 million
US visitors every year for medical tourism
35% and 80%
Savings compared to US prices with high-quality
2nd destination
More visited for medical tourism in the world.

General information

Mexico has one of the strongest economies in Latin America, Mexican professionals in the medical field have the knowledge, education, expertise and infrastructure to provide services with top quality.
•Cellular reception is pretty good all over the cities, roaming charges may apply.
•Uber works in all of our cities, if your Uber driver is picking you up at the airport its common that they ask you to walk away from the airport entrance, they can drop you off directly at your gate.
•You can pay at most places in dollars, but the exchange rate may be very low, instead you can pay with your credit or debit card, you can ask for the terminal and they will do the transaction where you can supervise it.
Calling to Mexico
In Mexico phone numbers have 10 digits and they use the same international format (city code + phone number). The country code for Mexico is 52.
•To make a call to Mexico from the U.S or Canada you need to dial 011 52 followed by the clinic’s phone number.
•Calling a land line in Mexico using a foreign number you need to dial 011 52 (country code) followed by the clinic’s phone number.
•Mexico has adopted the 911 format for emergencies, to dial that number you don’t need to add any additional codes just dial directly 911.

Arriving to Mexico

By law, when you enter Mexico and carrying more than $10,000 USD you have to report it or its equivalent in other currencies, cash, checks, any other monetary instrument or a combination of them. You must declare it on the customs declaration form. Before leaving Mexico, we recommend checking with the country of your destination if they required a similar declaration or have other regulations.
•When you arrive walking the bridge, you just need your valid passport to cross back to the United States.
•If you arrive by air, your airline company would provide you with the necessary forms.
•If you‘re traveling by car you can easily cross the border, just make sure your insurance has coverage in the Mexican Territory. If you are thinking of driving outside the city limits (20-30 kilometers from entry points), we suggest you check the following link:
•All visitors need a valid passport to enter Mexico, for more information about entering and exiting Mexico you can visit the following websites.


•In Mexico the currency is the Mexican peso. To get the best exchange rate we suggest you to do it at the airport, currency exchange booths, ATM or at any Mexican bank.
•Most clinics, attractions and restaurants accept dollars but the exchange rate will be very low.
•If you're paying with a credit or debit card it is normal to ask for the payment terminal and they will process the payment in front of the customer. In restaurants, you can add a tip during this process or opt to leave it in cash.
•When paying or withdrawing money in Mexico from your debit or credit card, its common that the payment terminal or ATM will ask if you want the transaction in local currency (MXN) or your home currency, we suggest selecting your home currency, that way your bank will determine the exchange rate.
•Prices in Mexico are up to 80% lower with the same level of quality and technology, this has to do directly with the currency and additional taxes. The dollar has a higher purchase level than the Mexican Peso, which makes your dollar stretch a lot further in Mexico than in the U.S. that’s another factor that helps to make prices in Mexico lower with similar quality.
•The cost of living in Mexico is much lower, food, utilities, wages, and professional services have a much lower hourly rate that translates to lower prices that visitors can appreciate, and finally, Mexico international tax rate (tarifas) are lower those savings impact directly on the prices of products. You can find the same brand product in Mexico at a lower price than in your country of origin. All those situations help to make Mexico a top Medical destination where excellent quality meets with affordable prices.

Additional information about Mexico

•On average has 24 million tourists per year and 80% of them would come back.
•Mexican food was declared as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
•Mexico has the most natural reservers in America.
•Ranks as number 4 in the world with the most biological life and has 9 out of 11 ecosystems in the world.
•12% of the animal species and 26,000 different types of flora live in Mexico.
•25% of its electric power comes from renewable energies.
•It's the number one destination for aerospace investments.
•It's the number one export of flat TV in the world.
Safety tips
•We suggest you don’t hitchhike in Mexico always use, taxi, uber or public transportation.
•Mexico treats the water that’s used for business and homes and its perfectly safe for showering and brushing teeth but we don’t recommend to drink tap water unless they offer additional filtration methods before the water gets to the faucet, you can find bottled water everywhere in Mexico.
•If you’re traveling to a beach location we suggest so check with the hotel or the tourist center about how to identify alerts of high tie or animals in the area.
•When driving always use toll roads (cuotas)
For your convenience on each of our locations, we will provide the information of the nearest embassy, consulate or consular agency, those locations can provide help in case you lose your passport or other documents they can help replace them.
You can find specific information about the city in our locations section.
General suggestions for your trip
Before traveling to any foreign country, planning ahead can be very helpful, we suggest visiting the following websites.

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