Medical specialties offered in Mexico by certified clinics

Our focus is to find the best medical professionals in Mexico that share the same high-quality standards as other international doctors who practice the most innovative technology in modern installations. We thoroughly research and verify medical licenses, certifications, accreditations and medical facilities while ensuring savings of up to 70%. The clinics in our network are located on the best cities of the country so we can assure our clients have access to the finest healthcare.
Doctor holding a tablet with a full x-ray
Part of our verification process includes:
•A minimum of five years of certified experience.
•Bilingual attention
•High-quality brands and equipment
•Continuing professional development
•Honesty and ethical prices
Medical Tourism US Certified Member

Advantages of Medical Tourism in Mexico

Due to the high value of the U.S. dollar compared to the Mexican peso, you can expect to pay up to 70% less in medical expenses with the same healthcare standard as in the U.S. Compared to any other international destination Mexico offers professional medical services at a more affordable price.
High-quality hospitals at lower prices
Hospital prices vary depending on the hospital’s prestige, type of procedure, and hospital stay. Most doctors in our network work with several hospitals; they will provide you options and prices so you can decide the best option for you.
Ambulatory surgery – outpatient
Some surgeries don’t require an overnight stay making them more affordable, as the patient enters and leaves the facility the same day.
Quality and technology
Mexico is a top destination for healthcare specialists. With the newest technology in equipment you can expect professional medical procedures. The medical standards in Mexico are the same as any other country, providing years of studies and preparation to offer a competent service.
Mexico is located in North American sharing a border with the United States, this creates an easy access to affordable healthcare. Whether you decide to cross the border to neighboring cities or take a flight, you will find it’s cheaper to travel to Mexico than any other Southern countries.
Personal attention
Mexico is well known for their warmth hospitality, since tourism plays a big role in the Mexican economy, they take pride in the excellent service they offer to tourist from around the world. You will receive a premium service that will make you feel at home.
The food and culture
You will find great diverse culture and delicious food offered by all our destinations. See our locations guide for more detail information about the city.