Affordable eye exam in Ciudad Juarez

Kurt Schaefer on September 21, 2021. Visit author social media
"Hello, I’m KG, I am 37 years old and I work for a digital magazine in El Paso, Texas, the border with Ciudad Juarez, which I often like to visit for its delicious food or for its fun activities. Last year, I started to feel my eyes getting blurry after finishing reading a couple of articles or after spending hours editing on my computer; this had never happened to me before. In the beginning, I didn’t make much of it but the issue continued happening along with mild headaches; so, I started to worry about my eyes."
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"On the border, the medical tourism concept is usually heard of a lot. Here, people visit Ciudad Juarez to see doctors, buy medicine, get labs done, or even surgery. I made a Google search to see the best ophthalmologists in Ciudad Juarez and I came across the Medical Tourism Website, where the main goal is to find the best specialist in each city and show their general and contact information to help patients like me get the best options of doctors. Thanks to the website, I got access to their certified ophthalmologist in Juarez."
Getting in touch with the specialist
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"I called the clinic to schedule an appointment and the staff was very friendly. The ophthalmologist’s clinic is inside one of Juarez’s most renowned hospitals (CME) and it is located about 5 minutes from the international bridge. Getting there was easy and they had free parking. Upon arriving at the doctor’s office, I was impressed by how modern it was. At the appointment, an optometrist first examined my eyes to see if I needed glasses, but all seemed ok."
"Before passing me with the ophthalmologist, the optometrist suggested to me that if I worked in front of a computer for long periods of time I should consider wearing blue-light filter glasses; then he showed me a couple of very affordable options. After the check-up, I was directed to the ophthalmologist. The doctor was very friendly and asked me a few questions to see what was going on with my eyesight and to find what exactly was worrying me."
At the appointment with the ophthalmologist
"He did a 3-D check-up (that was very cool) which reviewed all the aspects of my eyes; fortunately, he told me I had 20/20 vision and that I just had tired eyes from all the excess work I’ve been putting on. He prescribed me some eye drops that would help relieve the tired eyes and also suggested I get blue-light filter glasses to help protect my eyes against the light from the computer and in this way help my eyes not to feel so tired. Taking the doctor’s recommendation, I bought the special eyeglasses."
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"I paid everything with my American debit card and the overall price was very affordable. I would recommend visiting the ophthalmologist in Ciudad Juarez for all your eye care needs, he’s the best and is a very friendly doctor, making you feel very comfortable."
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