Bariatric Surgery in Hermosillo: Responsibility and dedication

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Hermosillo is home to highly advanced clinics for combating obesity through bariatric surgery. This kind of surgery helps to prevent of obesity or morbid obesity. Patients in visiting can expect the most advanced medical equipment and team to have gastric bypass or gastric banding performed by board-certified specialists with the utmost care.
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Medical specialists in Hermosillo are known to be welcoming towards any patient, allowing them to feel to be comfortable about a sensitive topic like obesity. They’re also responsible and professional when communicating information about procedures to potential candidates, educating patients through a detailed explanation about it, its potential benefits, possible risks, and post-operative care. Schedule an appointment with a specialist in Hermosillo with no significant waiting periods.
What makes Hermosillo a compelling destination for bariatric surgery is the cost-effective savings, reaching up to 70% compared to other countries. Another benefit of choosing the city, is the easy access it offers through its airport, with direct flights to and from the United State. If a patient wishes to explore post-surgery, they’ll be able to visit places like Parque Madero, Sonora’s Art Museum or Plaza Zaragoza to have a fulfilling experience and enriching time while recuperating.
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