Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ciudad Juarez: Take Care Of Your Hair

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Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ciudad Juarez: Take Care Of Your Hair Hair transplant in Ciudad Juarez is a great alternative when compared to countries outside of Mexico for a cost-effective, safe and effective procedure. The board-certified specialist in Ciudad Juarez has the proper skill and equipment for this kind of procedure. Like most procedures, some complications may appear post-surgery. Here we share some and ways to prevent or treat them.
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During the initial days after the transplant, bruises and scarring may appear in the treated area due to follicles not adapting to the scalp. If the operated area is not washed, infections could appear, putting the implanted follicles at risk of falling. Sometimes hair may fall from the implanted area, this is natural and part of the process. However, poor growth or an unnatural appearance could happen. Finally, cysts or allergic responses could happen. If any of them happen to you, get in contact with the hair implant specialist.
To prevent the risks listed above, Ciudad Juarez’s specialist shares instructions for their patients. Some of these include use of specific hair products, medication or treatments. Protecting the scalp during your stay in Ciudad Juarez is crucial since the city regularly has hot weather, for this, the specialist suggests participating in indoor activities like visiting museums such as Museo del Chamizal or Museo de la Revolucion, and one of the multiple traditional restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal while recovering. Multiple patients have shared their experiences with this surgeon, showing their satisfaction and results with them. If you’re still not sure about choosing Ciudad Juarez for your medical trip, contact the hair implant clinic for orientation.
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