Eliminating my cancer with surgery in Mexico City

Kurt Schaefer on September 03, 2021. Visit author social media
My name is Tim R (Colon cancer surgery in Mexico City), I am 55 years old and I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada. I work at a gift shop in one of the casinos. My symptoms started about 3 years ago. At first, I would have diarrhea or get constipated, and then I'd go back to normal so I figured it was the stress of day-to-day life and bad eating habits, which is why I didn't think much of it until I started drinking green juice in the mornings and eating fiber to see if I could become regular again. So, I didn't pay much attention to the situation. I regret not paying attention to my health. Slowly but gradually, I began to have constant abdominal discomfort, starting with occasional cramps and pains.
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My wife insisted that we had to go to the doctor to have me checked out. To be honest, I was scared to visit the doctor, but eventually, we went to a doctor in Las Vegas who suggested I get a complete physical exam and stool samples. Once the results came back, the doctor told me that I had colon cancer and referred me to a specialist in Medical Oncology to determine how advanced my colon cancer was and that he was the specialist I needed to go to continue treatment. So, we went and after another bunch of studies the oncologist told me that they could try to control the cancer with medication, and he also suggested visiting a surgical oncologist to determine if they could get all the affected tissue surgically, but for that, I’d have to see a surgical oncologist.
Surgical oncologists
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At the time I didn't know the difference, but apparently, the medical oncologist treats the cancer with medications and therapy, while the surgical oncologist is the one who can actually perform the surgery to take the cancer out. So, he referred me to a surgical oncologist in Las Vegas. At that time the bills were starting to pile up and the cost of the surgery was an additional $49,000 dollars, my wife and I were feeling stressed not only about my medical condition but the bills as well. We had plans to send our son to college and all of this was going to affect our family's finances and plans.
Talking among family, my brother who lives in El Paso, TX, told me that he used a website called Medical Tourism Mexico for all his medical needs and told me about his experiences with the doctors on the site, so we decided to check it out. Let me tell you, it was a game-changer for our finances. We reached out to the oncology surgeon in Mexico City and explained the situation, as it turns out the surgical oncologists working with medical tourism understand and know that we just need the surgery done so we can return home and continue with post-operative treatments in our hometown.
Connecting with the specialist
So, I connected my medical oncologist with my medical tourism surgical oncologist so they could exchange my medical information, and on my third virtual appointment the doctor offered me options for surgery, so I just had to choose the date of travel for the procedure, which we did. It cost me $10,000 for the surgery, including airfare, hotel, and meals for me and my wife. After the cancer removal surgery, I had to stay in Mexico for 4 days, then I was clear to fly back to Las Vegas, where my medical oncologist could monitor and continue the treatment. I also took the opportunity of my trip to stock up on medications, I found that I could take up to 2 months of medication which that alone saved me a lot of money.
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I am totally fine now, and we ended up taking just a little money from our son's college fund (nothing that a few months of hard work can't restore). I am very happy with the overall experience and with the surgical service, I received in Mexico City from the surgical oncologist. Thank you Medical Tourism for providing such a good and innovative service to people, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story, I hope it can help other people who are in need of surgery.
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