Crossing the border for hip surgery in Tijuana

Kurt Schaefer on September 13, 2021. Visit author social media
"Hello, my name is Tim D. (hip replacement surgery in Tijuana), and I’m from San Diego California. I’m currently 67 years old and I’m a retired firefighter. I had been struggling with my hip for about 7 years, the pain was constant but bearable. However, I felt the pain increasing as the months passed by; it wasn't until recently, that the pain became more intense. Just walking from my bedroom to the kitchen was painful and the stairs became my worst enemy."
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"My daughter took me to see an orthopedic surgeon here in San Diego, and he was nice. He took some X-rays and did some scans, all concluding that I was a candidate for hip replacement to alleviate my pain. To be honest, the doctor was amazing, but his offices were not that modern and that didn't give me the confidence I needed to have surgery with him. So, we decided to go “window-shopping” and ended up going with another orthopedic surgeon that had very modern installations and looked to be very up to date. The outcome was the same, but the prices were not. I just wanted an orthopedic surgeon that had modern installations and technology at a price I could afford!"
Finding about Medical Tourism in Mexico
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"We continued searching, and after a few days, we found the website of Medical Tourism and saw that the orthopedic surgeon in Tijuana that the website offered had what I was looking for, and the best part is that when I consulted with my insurance company, they only asked me for the doctor and hospital information, as well as the Mexican invoice, so that they could reimburse me for my expenses, and since they were lower, I had no problem. I felt that I had found the best of both worlds. We wasted no time in getting in touch with the doctor and scheduled a consultation for the same day, with no waiting period."
"We met with the doctor, he examined my X-rays and scans and confirmed that I needed hip replacement surgery. The orthopedic surgeon made us feel comfortable, as he explained to us how the surgery was going to go and all the post-surgery details I would have to do to ensure a speedy recovery. To put us at even more ease, he explained to us the concept of medical tourism; about how most of his patients came from California and that thanks to the border, they had the opportunity to have access to excellent doctors without impacting their finances."
Traveling to Tijuana for surgery
"Convinced to have the surgery, we scheduled it for the following week. The day of the surgery, we arrived at the hospital at 7am, with the surgery being scheduled for 9am, and by 11am I was already recovering in my hospital room. After the surgery I immediately felt a difference, it was as if the part of my hip that was hitting bone had vanished. By the next day, I was able to get up and walk a little bit with the help of a walker. At noon, the doctor stopped by to check up on me and after a couple of tests, he gave me the all-clear to go home."
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"He explained that I would be using a walker or cane for a couple of weeks and then gradually when I felt comfortable I would be able to stop using them and walk by myself. It has been 3 months since the surgery and I feel incredible, I really recommend the orthopedic surgeon in Tijuana, he really is a great surgeon."
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