Fixing my knee with a medical tourism trip to Mexico City

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"My name is Brady and I´m 23 years old (knee replacement in Mexico City), from Kansas, MO. I played college football at UMKC. Back in college, my knee suffered a couple of hits, but because I was passionate about football I’d always get back in the game, besides, after a couple of days, I would feel great again. After college, I started working at a car dealership and on the weekends I´d usually play football with my college friends. The last time I played I got hit hard and I just heard my knee pop. I couldn´t put any pressure on it, and this time was different because the pain didn´t go away. My mom told me to rest for a few days to see if the pain would stop like it did when I was in college, but it didn´t. "
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"The pain continued, so we went to a doctor, who told me that I would need a knee replacement; the doctor gave me an estimate for the surgery, and we returned home. The surgery cost was too expensive for me as my college insurance had expired; my mom offered to help me cover the cost, if necessary, but I felt I couldn't put that burden on her, so I started looking for doctors in other cities to see if I could get a lower price for surgery since, in Kansas, the lowest price I could find was $42,000 USD for a knee replacement surgery."
Certified medical tourism experts
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"Then I saw the Medical Tourism website offering orthopedic surgery specialists in different locations in Mexico. What caught my attention was the price of knee replacement surgery hovering in the $9,000 USD. So, I looked into it, by checking airfares and finding out that the website works with a hotel chain offering a discount that was a pretty sweet deal at $35 per night with transportation to and from the clinic, so it all sounded pretty good to me."
"Interested, I did some research on the medical tourism website to see if it was trustworthy and it all checked out; I even called a couple of doctors and googled them to verify the information and fortunately, it all looked legit. So, with all the facts in hand, I talked to my mom about it. I told her all about medical tourism and that I´d like to get my surgery done with the orthopedic surgeon in Mexico City; she was on board with my decision, but with the condition that she wanted to come with me. We´ve always talked about taking a trip together and this seemed a good time to “kill two birds with one stone”, fixing my knee, and spent some quality time with my mom."
The top orthopedic surgeon
"I emailed the orthopedic surgeon in Mexico City using the contact information from the Medical Tourism Website, and by the next day, we were already chatting about sending him my scans and scheduling a virtual consultation to see my situation. We had the virtual consultation and the doctor made me feel very comfortable and optimistic about the procedure and the results I could get; he also explained to me all the long-term benefits of surgery and all the possible consequences that not fixing my knee could cause."
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"We scheduled the surgery and booked a flight to Mexico City. When we arrived to the city I was surprised on how modern and beautiful it looked, it was nothing like the movies made it out to be, I was expecting people on horses, and it was more like downtown Kansas but 40 times bigger. The people were very friendly, and even though the only word we knew in Spanish was "hola", communicating was not an issue at all, since at the airport, the hotel and even the orthopedic clinic, everyone spoke perfect English. On arriving at the orthopedic surgeon's office in Mexico City, I was more than surprised to see that his office was much nicer than the offices of the doctor I had visited in Kansas; I can't say this enough, but this whole experience really surprised me in a good way. My surgery came out excellent, and I am now back home in Kansas just having physical therapy, and so when the guys from Medical Tourism contacted me to tell my story, I was very excited. I can confirm that all the information on the website is real, and Mexico City is not as we see it in the movies, it is actually very beautiful. Thank you and I hope my story can help others to get the surgery they need without going into debt."
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