My full-face aesthetic clinic experience in Mazatlan

Kurt Schaefer on August 24, 2021. Visit author social media
“My name is Doris Stone, I´m 56 years old (Full face treatment in Mazatlan) and I live in Baltimore, Maryland. Me and my husband were planning a second honeymoon to celebrate 20 years of marriage. It was the first time in 12 years that we made time for ourselves without our children, so we decided to book a trip to Mazatlan, to be away from the day-to-day life. We arrived there and for our third night, my husband had a romantic dinner planned, so early in the morning, he surprised me by treating me to a beauty day (as he called it), at a medical spa, to get me looking beautiful in time for our romantic dinner.
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Visiting the certified aesthetic clinic
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"When I got to the medical spa in Mazatlan, the facilities were beautiful; the doctor in charge of the clinic was very professional and very beautiful with glowing skin, so obviously I told her I wanted whatever she had done on her face, and she told me it was a Full-face treatment. They did some botox and fillers; they mentioned some collagen strings that they could put on my face, but I didn’t want to look swollen for my big date so I passed, but after seeing how beautiful they made me look, I will definitely go back next year to the aesthetic clinic in Mazatlan for that treatment.”
Happy with the results
“Needless to say, I was very happy with the results, and I was even more shocked that my husband managed to get that setup, so at dinner, I asked my husband how he had found this amazing aesthetic clinic in Mazatlan, and he told me about the Medical Tourism Mexico website. He said he started searching for reliable and certified aesthetic doctors for our trip and found that website. He sent an email to the clinic and booked the day spa. I would recommend to anyone who´s in Mazatlan or is planning on visiting the city to check out the Aesthetic Clinic in Mazatlan. Thanks for letting me tell my story and brag about how wonderful my husband is.”
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