Get a gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy in Merida and save money

Kurt Schaefer on December 10, 2021. Visit author social media
In a gastric sleeve, the bariatric surgeon creates a narrow sleeve by vertically stapling the stomach and removing its longer, curved portion. The surgery takes about one to two hours to perform and the patient wakes up in a recovery room, where the medical staff monitors him/her for any complications that might occur. For this surgery, patients usually stay in the hospital for a couple of nights and have to dedicate at least a week to recovery.
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The benefits of weight loss surgery
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Like most weight-loss surgeries, the sleeve gastrectomy helps the body absorb fewer calories and nutrients. It reduces hunger, increases satiety, and helps control blood sugar to effectively treat diabetes, as well as heart disease and other conditions linked to being overweight, including joint pain, infertility, and obstructive sleep apnea. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of bariatric surgery in general, we invite you to read more about it in our other articles.
Getting the surgery in Merida
For the gastric sleeve procedure, in Merida you will find a certified specialist who offers excellent prices and performs the procedure in the best hospitals in the city. With savings of up to 65% on sleeve gastrectomy, Merida has become one of the best places to have bariatric surgery. Visit our "specialties" tab to learn more about the benefits of having the procedure done through medical tourism, or go to the Merida bariatric surgeon's profile to see all the procedures he offers to international patients.
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