Get duodenal switch (BPD/DS) surgery in Merida and save money

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Let's start with what is a duodenal switch surgery and how does it work? This procedure is a bariatric surgery that consists of a combination of two techniques: the gastric sleeve and the bypass. Broadly speaking, this procedure causes the food to empty directly into the duodenum, bypassing approximately 3/4 of the small intestine, resulting in the body absorbing fewer calories and nutrients. Duodenal switch surgery (BPD/DS) impacts gut hormones to some extent to reduce hunger and increase satiety. Another benefit of this procedure is that it aids in the control of blood sugar making it effective in treating diabetes.
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Getting the surgery done
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Following surgery, the patient usually remains in the hospital for a couple of nights and should take at least a week for recovery. Generally, the patient is able to return to work within two weeks after surgery, but certain strenuous activities can be restricted by the doctor for up to six weeks after surgery. While this may sound like a very difficult or lengthy process, in reality, if you are under the supervision of a certified specialist, who uses the best techniques and technology, you will have less to worry about.
The certified bariatric surgeon in Merida
Carrying on with this topic about working alongside a certified specialist, we can confidently say that we have found a leading bariatric surgeon in Merida who is an excellent choice for medical tourism to perform a duodenal switch at an affordable price. The specialist offers quality of care, modern technology, and advanced techniques, which allow the specialist to achieve the expected results, all at savings of up to 66% compared to U.S. prices. If you would like to learn more about the amazing savings you can get on this procedure, we invite you to get in touch with the specialist directly.
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