Getting a second opinion with the top orthopedic surgeon in Nuevo Laredo

Kurt Schaefer on August 24, 2021. Visit author social media
Anton Fraser, a 59-year-old man from Laredo, Texas (Hip replacement in Nuevo Laredo), fell from a horse approximately 10 years ago. After the accident, his hometown orthopedist fitted him with a cast on his leg and put him on bed rest for about a month. Over the years following the accident, Anton felt his hip slowly getting worse. “The older I got, the more pain I felt, that even sleeping on that side I couldn't stand it. I was getting depressed; a simple walk would be painful, and I no longer wanted to take medication to control the pain. In my family, we have a history of addiction, so me and my family were very aware of the situation, and we were concerned that my hip might bring more problems."
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"I made constant visits to the orthopedist, but he would only prescribe me pain killers or talk to me about a surgery that cost $55,000 dollars and I just couldn't afford to pay out of pocket that kind of money. Living in Laredo, Tx., Anton had easy access to Nuevo Laredo, the bordering city in Mexico. And hearing that her sister, made regular visits to an ophthalmologist in Nuevo Laredo, he decided to ask her about her making the trips to Nuevo Laredo instead of going with a local specialist. And she told him about Medical Tourism, a site that had recently been recommended to her by a friend."
Contacting the specialist and scheduling an appointment
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“I decided to check the site out and found what Medical Tourism claimed was the best orthopedic surgeon in Nuevo Laredo. First, I sent the orthopedic surgeon an email and after receiving a reply I decided to make an appointment as I wanted a second opinion about my condition. My sister drove me across the border to see the doctor and the cost of the first appointment was $40 bucks. The doctor's offices were clean, and I felt very comfortable and secure, as the doctor was very nice."
"He reviewed my medical history and performed a complete examination. The second opinion I received was basically the same as the first, but he mentioned that the pain killers would eventually stop working for me and that stronger medications would only make my depression and fatigue worse. So, taking into account the family history, he recommended hip replacement surgery that would cost around $9,000 including the hospital.”
Getting a hip replacement
“After the appointment, I returned home and discussed it with my family who considered it a good idea for the price. With that in mind, I contacted my sister's friend who had recommended the website to her, so that she could give me references about the work of the doctors in the network, and she gave me everything I needed to convince me to have the surgery. I called the doctor to schedule the surgery and he asked me for preops, to which he suggested me a place in Nuevo Laredo, and the prices for the preops were 70% lower, with the same equipment as back home.”
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“It has been six months since my hip replacement, and I couldn’t be happier; I can walk and sleep without pain and I stopped taking pain killers. If you live near the border, take advantage of the great doctors that Medical Tourism offers and don’t ruin your finances.”
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