Getting weight loss surgery in Merida to improve my health

Kurt Schaefer on September 13, 2021. Visit author social media
"Hi everyone, my name is Nicolle S. (gastric sleeve in Merida), I’m a school teacher from Miami, FL. I have struggled with my weight all my life; I’ve tried diets and exercise but nothing really worked. I went to a psychologist to help me cope with the way I see my body and to accept myself for who I am, with all that I considered to be my flaws, and to be honest I think I did; after years of therapy, I learned to accept my body and be comfortable in it."
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"I'm not going to lie, at first, it was a little hard for me to get that out of my head because living in Miami, it's very difficult not to be body-conscious, seeing everyone on a daily basis on the beach with fit bodies, also, because of the weather, I basically couldn't cover my body to hide my weight. And yet I am proud to say that I managed to accept that fact about myself and just be happy. I got married and had a baby, but after the pregnancy, I gained even more weight, and this increase in weight was just more than I was used to handling. My knees started to hurt and simply walking for a couple of minutes got me so out of breath that I had to sit down a lot. My tiredness, taking care of a newborn plus the extra weight was beginning to take a toll on my body."
Affordable bariatric surgery
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"I visited a doctor to do some tests and it turned out that my weight was affecting my blood pressure, cholesterol, and joints. Many thoughts came to mind; that was not the type of mother I wanted to be; I wanted to be active with my child, go to the park, take him to soccer practice, get involved. I wanted to be an active and healthy mom, so I immediately talked with my psychologist and my husband. I told them that I had decided to get gastric sleeve surgery, not for my looks but because of my health. I had read that it had a downtime of like 2 weeks and had a high rate of success, so I figured that I was at the right time to do it before it was too late."
"With the new baby, money was tight, but I had full support from my husband, and together we googled affordable bariatric surgery options. I visited my family doctor so he could guide me through all this and tell me if I was a good candidate for surgery and, according to the studies, I was, however, he suggested that I take caution because of my blood pressure and cholesterol."
A reliable bariatric surgeon
"Thanks to the website of Medical Tourism Mexico, we found the bariatric surgeon in Merida and scheduled a virtual consultation to talk about the gastric sleeve procedure, its risks, and downtime. The surgeon was great, he answered all of our questions regarding the procedure and gave us the comfort we needed that we decided to get the surgery with him. We started the process with a bariatric physician here in Miami, and the surgery was going to take place in Merida, done by the medical tourism specialist."
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"At the time I didn’t know, but there are bariatric physicians and bariatric surgeons; one consults and the other performs the surgery. For us it was the best way to save money, having treatment at home with the bariatric physician and getting the surgery in Merida with the bariatric surgeon. Flights from Miami to Merida are very cheap and there are several direct flights a day, so it worked out great for us. Overall, the surgery went as expected, and the attention we got from the bariatric surgeon in Merida was on par with those we consulted in the US. It has been 6 months since my gastric sleeve. I feel great and already started to see results."
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