Guadalajara, a great destination to save money on cancer surgery

Kurt Schaefer on January 27, 2022. Visit author social media
When it comes to cancer surgery, the oncologic surgeon is the one in charge of performing the procedure due to the fact that oncology has different areas of expertise. For example, there is the medical oncologist, who is responsible for evaluating and guiding the cancer patient through the entire process and can perform chemotherapy. Similarly, there is the radiologist specialist, who uses radiotherapy to treat cancer; however, of all the areas of oncology, the surgical oncologist is the only one who can perform surgical procedures.
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When to do medical tourism to Mexico?
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Usually, international patients have a medical or radiation oncologist in their hometown who advises them on the proper treatment for their cancer, which in certain cases turns out to be surgery, and it is in these cases that medical tourism in Mexico can be useful when looking to save money. For instance, by traveling to Guadalajara to see the surgical oncologist offered in the Medical Tourism Network, you can have your surgery performed by a top surgeon, in a level 3 hospital, with up to 80% savings. Then, you can return home and continue your chemo or radiation therapy having made the slightest impact on your finances.
Travel to Monterrey and save money
Don't let cancer bankrupt your family, Mexico offers everything needed to provide the highest quality health care and the best possible savings for international patients looking for surgery abroad, plus, with financing available you might find another reason to make your trip and get the surgery you need with a top certified oncology surgeon. If you would like to learn more about the oncologic surgery procedures offered in Guadalajara, visit the specialist's profile on our website.
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