Health tips that Harvard’s health department experts say can help prevent cancer

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On the top of the list is avoiding tobacco in all its forms. Experts say smoking or secondhand smoking can increase your chances of getting cancer. Another suggestion is avoiding the consumption of saturated fat and red meat as it can increase the risk of colon cancer as well as the more aggressive types of prostate cancer. Experts suggest increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoiding or reducing your alcohol intake per day; excess alcohol increases the risk of several types of cancer such as mouth, larynx, esophagus, liver, and colon cancer.
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Exposure to UV light and toxic chemicals
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Another tip they give us is to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation, getting medical imaging studies only when you really need them. Protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation either from the sun or from artificial sources, as this can increase the risk of melanomas and other types of cancers. Avoid exposure to industrial and environmental toxins such as asbestos fibers, benzene, and aromatic amines. These chemicals can be found in some industrial and manufacturing plants, tobacco smoke, commercial hair dyes, and diesel exhaust. Also check your home for residential radon, which increases the risk of lung cancer.
A healthy lifestyle
Another big one to try and avoid are infections that can contribute to cancer, like hepatitis viruses, HIV, and other human papillomaviruses, along with many other sexually transmitted diseases. And lastly, obesity has been shown to increase the risk of many forms of cancer. For this, you can do healthy lifestyle changes that can help reduce the risks of developing cancer, like exercising regularly and being in a healthy caloric deficit.
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