Visit a urologist in Guadalajara? Here's why!

Kurt Schaefer on October 05, 2021. Visit author social media
Urologists help treat bladder problems, urinary tract infections (UTIs), bladder and kidney cancer, kidney blockage, kidney stones, and many other problems related to these organs. In men, the urologist can help with erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate gland, and all issues related to the male reproductive organ, including penis enlargement surgery. For this last one in particular, if you're considering having any type of penial enlargement surgery, the specialist who is more familiar and has the proper studies to carry it out is the urologist (we emphasize this information so you know who to visit if that is what you are looking for).
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Why Guadalajara?
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Now that we've explained a little bit about the medical conditions that a urologist can help you treat, let's get back to the topic of, why Guadalajara? It is one of Mexico’s most beautiful destinations, so, even if you’re going to the doctor, you will end up enjoying everything the city has to offer, and that alone can help ease the nerves of going to the doctor; we totally understand how some people can think that traveling for a procedure can be even more stressful, but we can tell you that after seeing and talking with other patients, the fact that they leave their city for a beautiful destination, in a way, distracts them from the procedure.
Moreover, when you arrange a medical trip with our specialists, members of the Medical Tourism Mexico network, you get access to doctors who work with level 2 or 3 hospitals, ensuring the very best care at affordable prices. All these advantages are great, but we have to make emphasis on the prices because they are on average 82% lower than in the United States, and that’s a big saving, even with airfare and lodging included.
Even more benefits
As an added benefit, for most urological procedures, patients are clear to fly the next day, so you can get the surgery you need in Guadalajara with a top specialist, at an affordable price, in a top-level hospital and you can be back home fairly quickly. And speaking of speed, the best part is that you can normally schedule a consultation with the urologist in Guadalajara on the same day or 1 business day at the latest, so you can save time and treat your health as soon as you need. Check out the doctor’s profile of our certified urologist in Guadalajara, where you will see all the information you need to get the best out of your medical trip.
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