Improving my overall health with bariatric surgery in Mexico City

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"Hello, my name is James W. (gastric bypass in Mexico City), I am 52 years old, I live in Albuquerque NM and work as a legal assistant. In my 20s, I was involved in a car accident, which affected my back. At that time, I was a very active guy and did a lot of exercise, but unfortunately, the accident left me with back problems that prevented me from doing high-impact exercise, so the only thing I could do was walking and swimming. The months after the accident, I could see and feel my weight going up due to the lack of physical activity but being single and having plenty of time to spare, I was able to keep my weight "under control" by planning my diets on my free time."
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"At 40 I started a family, and I must say that making time for my job, the kids, my wife, household improvements, and my fitness, made it a little difficult to eat balanced meals and go for a 2-hour walk every day just to keep the weight off. This, along with my changes in eating habits and perhaps also my metabolism slowing down due to my age, had caused the weight to pile up. By the time I was 50 my cholesterol was high, I was starting to have high blood pressure, I had zero sex drive, and was a type 2 diabetic. I really tried to diet and take daily walks, but walking hurt; the excess weight I had gained was affecting my already injured back. I could have taken painkillers but being a recovering alcoholic with over 20 years of sobriety, I didn't want to take them, for fear of relapsing; I have a beautiful family and I was not willing to risk losing them."
Finding about Medical Tourism in Mexico
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"Taking everything into consideration, my family doctor recommended weight loss surgery and told me of several bariatric surgeons in town that he could refer me to help with my situation. I visited several of them but the prices for surgery were very high and my insurance considered it a cosmetic procedure and would not cover it. I had heard of some friends who had traveled to Mexico for surgery, and they called it medical tourism; I had never heard of it, but I started researching online looking for the term and in the first option from Google I found the Medical Tourism Mexico web page."
"I explored the website and found several certified bariatric surgeons from across Mexico, they all seemed like great options. I then checked airfare, hotel, and other arrangements and saw that the most affordable options were in Mexico City, so I decided to contact the bariatric surgeon in Mexico City. I schedule a phone call with the specialist to explain my situation. He asked me to get some labs done and to ask my family doctor to send him an email with my medical records. After I did everything he requested, we had a second phone call, where he explained the surgery options, recovery times, and cost. I really couldn't believe how affordable the surgery was and I also couldn't believe how fast the recovery could be."
Traveling to Mexico City for surgery
"He encouraged me to see some before and after cases of his patients to give me a better idea of what to expect from the surgery. I was excited at the idea of traveling to Mexico and having bariatric surgery done by a top surgeon at an excellent price, so I scheduled the procedure. I asked my wife to join me on this trip, so we bought our plane tickets and headed to Mexico City; we were surprised at how big and modern the city was. We arrived one day before the procedure and visited the doctor's office for a pre-op check-up. The following day, I arrived at the hospital at 8am for surgery and by 10am I was in my hospital room with my wife by my side."
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"The procedure had gone smoothly, according to the doctor, and all I had to do was to take it easy for a few days, without applying heavy pressure on my abdomen or lifting heavy things. The next day, the doctor released me from the hospital and three days later I visited him for a follow-up visit. He mentioned that everything was going great and talked to me about my diet, suggesting that once I was back home, I should visit a nutritionist who could balance my diet and check that I was getting the right amount of nutrients. The whole process was very professional, I really loved the experience with the bariatric surgeon in Mexico City. My wife and I spent a total of 5 days in Mexico and then returned to Albuquerque. It has been 2 years since my weight loss surgery and I feel excellent, no more back pain, high blood pressure and my diabetes is under control. Thanks to Medical Tourism for providing me with a great bariatric surgeon at a great price."
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