What does a maxillofacial treat?

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The interview was focused on finding out about what a maxillofacial surgeon treats. In Mexico, the maxillofacial specialty is completed after finishing the dental and oral surgeon degree, additionally, the doctor has to follow a hospital residency where he or she practices and continues its studies for 4 years before obtaining their credential as a maxillofacial surgeon. The maxillofacial surgeon differentiates itself from oral surgeons because they can treat and operate on the face, head, neck, and jaw.
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We also asked what were the most common procedures that patients request, and we learn that wisdom tooth removal as well as Bichectomy and neck liposuction. Some people go to treat the clicking sound that the jaw makes when opening and its symptoms such as headaches and nerve damage.
How can I know if I need a plastic surgeon or a maxillofacial surgeon?
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Both can do face procedures, but the maxillofacial surgeon specializes in the cosmetic aspect and functionality of the facial structures. He also added that a good reason to visit a maxillofacial surgeon is when you notice a change on the face like a bump, asymmetry, or have had a trauma of the face.
Do maxillofacial surgeons have a clinic where they can receive and treat patients? The most common in-office procedures are Botox, fillers, and minor interventions like Bichectomy, neck liposuction, and surgery to remove fat from under the eyes. In major procedures, the patient needs to be admitted to a hospital, but all cases are different and every situation has to be handled according to the patient's health. Maxillofacial surgeons also help with nose issues (rhinoplasty), for cosmetic reasons or to help people who suffer from sleep apnea, and breathing.
How fast is the healing time for a cheek or neck liposuction?
In some cases, patients can be back at work the next day, with some swelling. The doctor suggests that every patient's surgery and results are different and it can take up to 1 week for the patients to be back to almost their day-to-day activities. (This depends on the procedure, recovery time, and patient overall health)
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How can we be certain that we are visiting an accredited maxillofacial surgeon? In Mexico, there is an institution that regulates and has the information of the doctors that are accredited as oral and maxillofacial surgeons (https://www.comf.org.mx). Watch or listen to the full interview in our "Podcast" section above!
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