Is bariatric surgery in Mexico a good idea?

Kurt Schaefer on August 24, 2021. Visit author social media
If you want to save money, visit a new city, and get the best medical attention in Mexico the answer is yes. Bariatric surgeons in Mexico have the same form of education as bariatric surgeons in the USA, and the technology used in the medical field is the same. The only difference is that the exchange rate and the labor costs in Mexico are what makes it less expensive. You feel confident to use any of our locations and get the bariatric surgery you need.
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Not only can bariatric surgery produce sustainable weight loss in obese individuals who have not achieved their long-term goal, but it also offers health benefits, such as long-term remission of type 2 diabetes. Studies show that bariatric surgery procedures are highly effective for obese patients with type 2 diabetes, allowing almost all patients to remain free of insulin and other related medications for at least three years after surgery. Another health benefit of weight loss surgery is that it decreases a person's risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral heart disease, as well as hypertension and myocardial infarction.
Sleep apnea relief
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Other advantages of undergoing bariatric surgery are that you can eliminate obstructive sleep apnea and stop using a CPAP machine at bedtime. About 80% of patients experience remission of their sleep apnea one year after surgery. Another day-to-day benefit is the reduction of joint pain, excess weight puts a lot of stress on the joints and can cause chronic pain and joint damage. Losing weight relieves stress on the joints and some people have reported that they have stopped using pain medication and have enjoyed much more mobility.
Improve overall health
Weight loss surgery can also improve fertility during childbearing years. One study reported that the risk of miscarriage may decrease after bariatric surgery and may improve menstrual cycles in women who do not ovulate. It's not about being thin it's about gaining overall health and taking control of your body and bariatric surgery certainly represents a powerful tool to provide sustained weight loss in overweight people, visit our website and explore all the wonderful destinations and bariatric specialists that medical tourism Mexico has to offer.
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