Bariatric Surgery: Laparoscopic Procedure

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Among the surgical techniques available, laparoscopic surgery has gained popularity due to its numerous benefits, including a lower mortality rate, faster recovery and better aesthetic results. Laparoscopic bariatric surgery represents a significant advance in the treatment of obesity and its associated comorbidities. With its numerous benefits and proven results, this technique has become the preferred method for many patients and surgeons.
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However, it is important to note that bariatric surgery is a complex procedure that requires a multidisciplinary approach and long-term follow-up to ensure optimal results and patient safety. Laparoscopic bariatric surgery involves making small incisions in the abdominal wall through which a camera and surgical instruments are inserted. This technique allows the surgeon to visualize the surgical field on a high-definition monitor, which facilitates precision and tissue manipulation.
When performing this procedure, patients usually experience less pain and may return to their normal activities in a shorter time compared to open surgery and scars are smaller and less visible, which improves the aesthetic appearance of the patient after surgery.
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