Merida, one of Mexico’s top locations for orthopedic surgery

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This is why! Merida is known as a must-visit place in Mexico thanks to its natural beauty, breath-taking archeological sites, and relaxing tranquility. It is also known by medical tourists as an excellent location to receive treatment for orthopedic conditions, notably for meniscal repair. If you are looking to have this procedure done in Merida, on our website you will find an internationally certified orthopedic surgeon with expertise in medical tourism who is ready to help you. The orthopedic surgeon offers top-quality treatments and has years of experience in this procedure.
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What is a meniscus and why does it wears out?
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The meniscus is a cap-like cushion in the knee, which is positioned between the femur and the tibia that functions as a shock absorber, distributing the weight transferred from the femur (above) to the tibia (below), and also helps stabilize the knee joint. In most cases, this joint, tears due to trauma or because of old age, and one of the most common symptoms seen in patients suffering from this condition, is knee pain, as the bones that make up the knee scrape against each other due to the wear and tear of the meniscus.
Getting surgery by a certified specialist
A torn meniscus can be safely treated in Merida with an arthroscopic procedure, which involves placing new tissue or repairing the tear with small sutures; light anesthetics are used in this procedure. After a meniscal repair, patients are clear to return to their hometown within a couple of days of surgery, although with some restrictions such as not flexing the knee more than 90 degrees for at least the first 3 weeks. If you want to know more about this procedure and all the benefits you can receive by having meniscal repair done by a certified orthopedic surgeon in Merida, visit the doctor’s profile on our website.
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