Muscle Contractions: What They Are, Prevention, and Care

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A muscle contracture refers to the excessive and prolonged tension of a muscle or muscle group. This is a common condition that affects anyone at some point in their life. Contractures can vary in severity and can be caused by multiple factors, from excessive exercise to emotional stress. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and preventive methods for contractures is essential for maintaining optimal health and preventing possible long-term muscular problems.
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These can occur when a muscle contracts and cannot relax properly.
Probable Causes and Symptoms
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Contractures are often caused by different reasons, some of which include muscle fatigue after exercise or not resting properly, moving to an area with colder temperatures, incorrect or improper posture while standing or sitting and sports-related injuries. All of this happens when the arteries contract after being dilated during physical activities and don’t allow enough blood to flow through the muscle, thus causing a contracture or a cramp.
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Ways that help prevent contractions
While muscle contractures are not lethal, they are not harmless either, as they can prevent long-term physical movement and could cause pain in certain areas. Some ways to be safe about it are warming up properly before physical activities, stretching daily, exercising regularly and managing your physical and emotional stress levels with activities like yoga, meditation or participating in activities you are passionate about.
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A healthy diet can also help prevent contractures, since consuming food high in potassium and staying hydrated can help your muscles feel great.
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