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Nancy Gomez, from Denver, Colorado (Gastric bypass in Guadalajara), was only 29 years old when she started her weight loss journey. “All my teenage years I was struggling with my weight, trying to exercise; mostly running, joining gyms, having personal trainers, trying every diet out there and all of them worked but then the weight came back, and if I have to be honest, I sometimes felt frustrated seeing all my hard work not paying off. It made me feel insecure, I avoided going to the hot springs or doing anything that involved being without tons of layers of clothing.”
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“When I turned 29, I went for a checkup with a local physician, and the doctor told me I was at risk of becoming diabetic and that my cholesterol was high. I felt lost, because I couldn’t get my weight under control, and also a bit like a failure, seeing all my friends (don’t have many) happy, and secure of themselves, having relationships and babies, I kept thinking I was stuck in a time bubble with no way out.”
Looking for options
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“I started researching online about the new trends in diets or what the celebrities were doing to control their weight, and I came across all the solutions that bariatric surgery offers to people like me, who have tried everything and nothing works. Immediately I scheduled an appointment with a bariatric surgeon of my hometown and she told me that I was a candidate for weight loss surgery, but my insurance would not cover the cost. I figured I could save money for several years and get my procedure, but then I realized that by the time I had the money, had the procedure done, and started to see results, I would be 40 years old, and I didn't want to live any moment longer thinking about my weight as a daily factor."
"I get that some people reading my story could think “that girl needs therapy, not bariatric surgery” but I’m sure that people who have gone through something similar will understand. I started looking at options, consulting with friends and family. One day, a friend of mine from here in Denver who is originally from Mexico suggested that I visit a bariatric surgeon in Guadalajara, that, with the exchange rate, the prices were going to be more affordable and also told me that Guadalajara was a very nice city with excellent doctors. So, I decided to give it a try searching online, and in those searches, the website Medical Tourism Mexico came up. I love the website, it’s very intuitive and it answered all my questions and concerns about traveling to Mexico; Also, my friend was right about the prices.”
Visiting the top bariatric surgeon in Guadalajara
“So, I emailed the doctor and we set up a virtual consultation. As soon as I started to talk to him I felt that he really cares about the patient’s needs and overall health. He asked me for my medical records and reviewed my previous studies, confirming that I was a candidate for weight loss surgery. So, I scheduled an appointment. The plane ticket was about $300 USD round trip and the surgery was approximately $4,500 USD, I just couldn’t believe it.”
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“When I arrived at the doctor’s bariatric clinic I felt very calm, and the environment was very professional and modern. I was surprised at how accurate all the information on Medical Tourism Mexico’s website was. The doctor, nurses, and staff all spoke English, so I felt very comfortable, needless to say, the surgery was a success. I’m 35 years old now, I just got my physical exam done and my cholesterol is down, I’m not a candidate for diabetes and I have never felt more alive or happy in my life. When the team of Medical Tourism Mexico asked me to tell my story, I just jumped to the idea to share my anecdote and thank all the Medical Tourism team and the bariatric surgeon in Guadalajara for helping me achieve my weight goals.
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