Plan your surgery with a top ACL repair specialist in Ciudad Juarez

Kurt Schaefer on December 20, 2021. Visit author social media
Ciudad Juarez borders El Paso, Texas, and is one of Mexico's major border cities, where you will find excellent year-round weather, as well as top medical hospitals and doctors. The city was designed to attract and interact with tourists from all over the world, making it the perfect place for medical travel, especially for people from across the border in states like Texas or New Mexico, who are seeking orthopedic surgery from a certified surgeon at the best prices.
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What happens in an ACL repair surgery?
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In most ACL surgeries, a graft is used to replace the damaged ligament, but in less severe cases, the affected area can be stitched back together with bioabsorbable sutures. Generally, the grafts used for an ACL repair come from parts of your own body, such as from the kneecaps or hamstrings. The purpose of this procedure is to help the patient recover balance and minimize knee pain, and it is often performed on athletes who practice high-intensity sports that place a lot of stress on the knee.
A certified orthopedic surgeon in Ciudad Juarez
This type of surgery is among the specialties of the orthopedic surgeon in Ciudad Juarez, so by planning a medical trip to Ciudad Juarez for an ACL repair, you can take advantage of getting treatment with a certified medical tourism specialist who uses the best technology and techniques, and also offers great savings on surgery. This means you can get the quality and care you need, at a price you can afford. For more information about the procedure or the specialist make sure to enter our website and visit the doctor’s profile!
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