Reasons to have hip replacement surgery in Oaxaca

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Hip replacement surgery can help alleviate hip pain, increase mobility and improve walking. Before resorting to hip surgery, your doctor will likely recommend other options to decrease hip pain, which can include exercise, physical therapy, use of assisted mobility devices, and/or medication; but to fix the problem, surgery is needed, and that is where Medical Tourism to Mexico comes in, as Oaxaca offers the best orthopedic surgeon and team to perform the procedure with excellent results.
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Causes and approaches to hip surgery
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Among the most common causes for hip replacement surgery are fractures or injuries, arthritis, bone tumors, and diseases that cause the bone and joints to die. Depending on the case, the replacement can be total or partial. In Oaxaca, the most common techniques for either total or partial hip replacement surgery are the anterior approach and the posterior approach. the anterior approach allows for smaller incisions at the front of the hip and offers several advantages, such as less pain, less muscle trauma, and easier recovery, while the posterior approach involves an incision 4 to 6 inches above the outer gluteus, and is the most common method performed in the United States, but it can result in a long recovery period for patients.
Get in touch with an experienced specialist
No matter the approach, when you schedule your surgery with the best orthopedic surgeon in Oaxaca, you can rest easy knowing that the specialist has the proven experience to help you choose the best hip replacement method that will achieve the most effective and fastest results, so you can enjoy a pain-free lifestyle with a healthy range of motion. Get in touch with the specialist and begin planning your medical trip to Oaxaca!
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