Relieving my knee pain with surgery in Oaxaca

Kurt Schaefer on September 10, 2021. Visit author social media
"My name is Benjamin B. (knee replacement surgery in Oaxaca) and I’m from Canada. I’m a retired automotive mechanic of 64 years of age, and in my working days, I had my fair share of right knee surgeries, my meniscus was also repaired several times and by the time I was getting into my 60s, all the cartilage of my knee had already disintegrated. I endured a lot of pain for about 4 years. I had gone to several doctors and they’d always say “You do know that you will have to have full knee surgery eventually, right?” but I didn't want to have the surgery in a cold and humid climate like we have here, because it made my knee hurt even more."
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"So, after thinking about it, I asked my wife to search for the best surgeons in places with great weather so I could get my surgery and recuperate in a pleasant climate. After the research, she found out about Medical Tourism Mexico, a website that shows Mexico’s top doctors. The website was very informative and they didn’t charge anything to get access to the doctors. What we realized was that all the doctors on the website had US certifications, so it made us trust the information even more."
Selecting the best location
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"After reviewing all the locations offered by Medical Tourism we decided that Oaxaca seemed like an attractive location to visit, as the climate was warm instead of humid. My situation was basically bone on bone, so you can imagine the pain and why I was avoiding cold and humid weather at all costs. We got in contact with the orthopedic surgeon in Oaxaca and sent him all my medical records, explaining what I needed done. We had an online consultation and he led me through the whole procedure and even how the recovery would go."
Traveling to Oaxaca for surgery
"He answered all the questions of both my wife and I, so we felt confident about getting the procedure in Oaxaca with the orthopedic surgeon from Medical Tourism. We booked our flight to Oaxaca and on the day of surgery we got to the hospital at about 7 am in the morning, with surgery scheduled for 10 am. I was walking out of the hospital by the next morning. The doctor prescribed me pain medication, but after 5 days I stopped taking it because I didn't need it anymore, only an Advil was enough. After the surgery, I relied on a walker for like 3 days, and by the sixth day, I was impressed as I was walking on my own without any assistance and even better, pain-free."
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"We stayed in Oaxaca for a total of 21 days; 10 of them were related to my surgery, the other 11 were just to relax and explore the beautiful city. I would recommend visiting Oaxaca. The doctor is great and the weather is phenomenal. Thanks Medical Tourism for letting me tell my story."
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