Treating excess eye tissue from my eyes with surgery in Monterrey

Kurt Schaefer on September 02, 2021. Visit author social media
"My name is Oscar G., I am 27 years old, and I am from Galveston, TX (pterygium surgery in Monterrey). I want to thank Medical Tourism for the information they provided on their website which helped me so much to get the surgery procedure I needed without affecting my finances. I work at a roofing company, a few years ago I started to feel irritation in my eyes, I assumed it was allergies because other than the irritation in my eyes I felt fine. I got some over-the-counter eye drops and for a while, they worked; then I noticed that my eyes were getting red, and the drops didn't help much."
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"At the time I kept thinking that either my problem was allergies or that material from work had gotten in my eye, but then I started having blurred vision and noticed that I had extra skin growing on the inside of my eye. I visited an ophthalmologist in Galveston, and he told me I had an abnormal growth of tissue in my eye (pterygium) and prescribed me some eye drops, medication and recommended that I have good hygiene on my sunglasses and to minimize my exposure to the sun. Living in Galveston and with my line of work the doctor's instructions seemed almost impossible and I realized that medication would be an ongoing thing to try to stop the abnormal growth from getting bigger and minimize its size if possible. On top of this, the eye medication prescription was expensive, as well as the exam and consultation, and I realized that the insurance offered at my work does not cover those types of issues."
Finding about Medical Tourism in Mexico
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"After a couple of months, I noticed that the tissue was growing larger, and my vision in my left eye was totally blurred. I went back to the ophthalmologist, and he recommended a procedure that could help remove the tissue from my eye, but the cost for just one eye was almost $7000 USD. I could not afford that kind of money, so I went online to see if there was any home remedy or other solution that would help me deal with the pterygium, and on Facebook, I stumbled upon the fan page of Medical Tourism Mexico."
"From their Facebook page I got redirected to their website and I started reading their information and it all looked real, so I started browsing their list of eye surgery specialists and discovered that the ophthalmologist in Monterrey could do the surgery needed, and the price was much lower. I called the doctor and arranged virtual consultation; he explained the procedure and saw my eye; I already had the diagnosis from my ophthalmologist in Galveston, so the information provided by the ophthalmology specialist in Monterrey was the same information I already had. He explained that after the procedure I was free to travel the following day, but that I would have to visit an ophthalmologist back home for a follow-up, he also explained what antibiotics I should take and how to clean my eye after the procedure."
Traveling to Monterrey for eye surgery
"Everything sounded good and the website, as well as the doctor, looked very trustworthy, so I asked one of my coworkers if he could join me on my drive to Monterrey to help me with the trip back home, and he agreed so we made it to Monterrey. Crossing the border by car was not a big problem and my google maps opened up the map directions provided by the website, with the app working very well in Monterrey. I arrived at the clinic, and I didn't get any surprises, the information and the clinic were exactly as described on the Medical Tourism Mexico's website."
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"After my consultation, the doctor scheduled me for the procedure the next morning, which lasted 30 minutes, and then I left. He wanted me to come back the next day to give me a final checkup before my trip back to Galveston and provided me with all the information I needed to contact him with any questions and that since it was a very common procedure, any ophthalmologist back home could follow up on his work. I am very happy to say that my entire 4-day trip to Monterrey was a complete success story and the trip and procedure cost me a total of $1100 USD. I am very happy and would recommend people who need eye surgery and have a limited budget, to go and visit the great doctor offered by the team of Medical Tourism Mexico."
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