Restoring my mom’s vision in Mexico City

Kurt Schaefer on September 03, 2021. Visit author social media
"Hello, my name is Carolina Ramirez, I am 34 years old and live in Philadelphia PA (cataract surgery in Mexico City). I am first generation born in the United States, but my mother is from Mexico City, my mother is 67 years old and has struggled with her eyesight most of her adult life. I have insurance, but it does not cover my mother's medical expenses. She is a very vibrant and energetic woman, but as she got older, we began noticing that her eyes were getting foggy. Our family doctor told us that cataracts had started to form in both of her eyes and that she needed treatment and new glasses."
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"Being from Mexico we thought it was no better time to travel to Mexico to visit our family and make the time to get her the cataract surgery she needed as well as a new pair of glasses. I went online and found out about Medical Tourism. They offer the best ophthalmologist in Mexico City, so I asked with the family had they heard of the specialist, and in fact, the doctor that Medical Tourism suggests as the best option is very well known and respected, with excellent reviews all over the city. So, with this in mind, we planned our trip and scheduled a consultation with the specialist as soon as possible. "
Affordable cataract surgery
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"I knew that the prices for surgeries in Mexico were lower than in Philadelphia, but I had no idea of the actual savings. The cost of cataract surgery for both eyes in Philadelphia ranged from $11,000 to $14,000 USD plus the new glasses but when we got the estimate in Mexico it was $3,200 USD for both eyes, including the new designer eyeglasses. It was an easy decision for me to travel to Mexico to visit our family and get my mom the eye surgery she needed."
The experience with the eye surgeon in Mexico City
"Our experience with the doctor was excellent, his clinic was very modern, and the doctor was very nice and comforting just what you would expect from Mexico. The doctor did a checkup and agreed with our family doctor that she needed eye surgery and offered us two options for laser surgery. The procedure took less than an hour and she was ready to leave the clinic in about an hour later. Our time in Mexico was excellent and we just love to have such great medical options thanks to Medical Tourism."
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