Rotator cuff repair surgery in Oaxaca, the best option to save money

Kurt Schaefer on December 16, 2021. Visit author social media
A rotator cuff injury is the result of repetitive motion, which is very common among athletes, particularly baseball pitchers, swimmers, or other activities that involve a lot of arm rotation. Additionally, this type of injury slowly becomes more likely to occur with the wear & tear of advancing age, and studies show that people over the age of 40 are at a higher risk of suffering rotator cuff tears. But not all of these injuries require surgery, and here is where doing medical tourism with the certified orthopedic surgeon in Oaxaca can help you fix your rotator cuff tear.
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Getting the surgery done
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The internationally-certified specialist can review your specific condition and help determine the best course of action to address your situation, and optimize results to alleviate symptoms. The orthopedic surgeon in Oaxaca practices shoulder arthroscopy as a way to diagnose and treat a variety of shoulder-joint injuries. This approach has a very short downtime and has the advantage of being minimally invasive, resulting in less scarring. To add even more benefits, the price in comparison to the U.S. is approximately 80% lower.
Get to enjoy Oaxaca while you recover
As with all of the locations featured on our website, Oaxaca, in addition to having the benefit of housing a certified orthopedic surgeon for medical tourism, also offers excellent leisure activities for you to enjoy your medical visit to the fullest. Take the time to learn more about the orthopedic surgeon in Oaxaca and all the benefits offered for rotator cuff repair surgery, so you can start planning your medical trip today!
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