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Kurt Schaefer on January 05, 2022. Visit author social media
With over 18 million citizens, Mexico City is the largest and most modern city in Mexico. The medical quality of its hospitals and doctors is acknowledged worldwide; you can get advanced cardiovascular surgery and treatment options at a great price, such as the minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass (MIDCAB). This new approach, compared to the traditional procedure, no longer requires the surgeon to cut through the breastbone (sternum) in what otherwise is known as an open-heart surgery (CABG), instead, the specialist makes a small incision between the ribs to work on the blocked artery.
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The benefits of this new approach
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Unlike a traditional CABG procedure, the MIDCAB approach is performed on the patient's beating heart with the aid of a stabilization device that gently attaches to the small area that presents the blockage. A MIDCAB is less traumatic on the body and has the same benefits as a conventional coronary artery bypass surgery, but often results in a shorter hospital stay of around 3 days, decreased blood loss, and a quicker recovery, as the incisions are much smaller.
Why making a medical trip to Mexico City
Travel to Mexico and have this procedure done by the best cardiologist in Mexico City. Get access to a team of skilled specialists dedicated to helping you improve your life at a price you can afford while receiving the quality you deserve. Remember, it is important with heart conditions to regularly meet with a cardiologist to prevent or treat any potential issues before they become an emergency. We invite you to browse through our website and discover what Mexico has in store for you on your medical trip.
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