Stabilizing my heart rate with surgery in Guadalajara

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"My name is Walter S. (pacemaker surgery in Guadalajara), I’m 56 years old and I’ve worked in finances all my life in Reno, Nevada. I’m married and have 2 beautiful daughters. My wife and I always try to stay in good shape and live a healthy lifestyle. A couple of years ago I started to feel light-headed on a daily basis, so I decided to visit my doctor and do a check-up. When he saw my results, he recommended that I should visit a cardiologist for a more detailed analysis. I scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist, and after testing me, he told me that I had low blood pressure and arrhythmia. He prescribed me medication and instructed me to visit him every 8 months for a heart check-up."
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"After 6 years of being stable with medication, it suddenly stopped working, and after discussing it with my cardiologist he mentioned to me that a pacemaker would be the best way to keep my heart palpitations steady in order to maintain a stable blood flow. He referred me to a cardiothoracic surgeon, and after he reviewed my medical records, medication history and ran some tests, he agreed with my cardiologist that a pacemaker would be the best option and that I could still have a very long and healthy life. It all sounded great until he dropped the price of surgery, which was over $65,000 dollars."
Looking for affordable options for surgery
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"I went back to my cardiologist and asked him if there were other options or specialists he could recommend that were more affordable, and he suggested that I could check in other states, that maybe I could find surgeons in some states that could do the surgery at a lower price. So, I started searching the internet, and luckily, I came across the Medical Tourism Mexico website and started reading the reviews, watching the video testimonials, and reading the articles about the experiences that international patients have had with the doctors on the site."
"There, I found lots of people that had their family doctor in their hometown, and just needed a surgical procedure done, looking for quality attention, experienced specialists, and great savings. So, I decided to give a call to the heart surgeon in Guadalajara and I explained my situation. I would like to point out that he spoke very good English, so there was no issue with the language barrier. He asked me about my medication, when I started taking it, and about my visit with the cardiologist in Reno. He also asked me to mail him my medical history, as well as to send a copy to my cardiologist to double-check the information. Knowing all the details, he told me that he could do the procedure and that I could go back home after 4 days, with my cardiologist being able to remove the stitches from the surgery, calibrate the pacemaker when necessary, and do my normal check-ups."
Getting pacemaker surgery in Guadalajara
"It all sounded very easy and doable. We talked more in-depth about the price of the procedure, hospital options, and overall logistics and I was surprised to see that the prices were around $8,000 USD, with the procedure done in one of Guadalajara’s best hospitals and by a world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon. So, without thinking twice, I got on a plane to Guadalajara. Once there, I arrived for my in-person consultation with the surgeon, he was very friendly and cool. We scheduled the procedure for the next day and I went to rest."
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"The day of the surgery I checked into the hospital at 8am, with my procedure starting at 10am, and by midday, I was in my room watching TV. The doctor stopped by a couple of times during the day and told me the procedure had gone great and that if all went well during the day, I would be able to leave the hospital by tomorrow. The next day he released me from the hospital and told me that I was not yet clear to fly for at least 2 more days and gave me his personal phone number in case of an emergency. I stayed in the hotel in Guadalajara relaxing and recovering until the 2 days passed and it was time to get back home. After 14 days, I went for a check-up with my cardiologist in Reno and told me that the procedure was a success. I am very pleased with the heart surgeon in Guadalajara and how professional and easy the medical tourism process was. Thanks."
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