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The gastric balloon is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require the patient to be morbidly obese to qualify and is also an excellent option for people who are not candidates for weight loss surgery. It is usually recommended for people who need to lose weight before surgery to lower their risk level or for people who are committed to a healthy diet, and exercise habits, but struggle to lose those extra pounds.
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What is a gastric balloon?
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The procedure is relatively simple and there are different types of approaches, but they all consist of inserting into the stomach, one or two balloons made of silicone that fill more than half the space in the stomach and help the patient feel full quicker when eating. The gastric balloon is a temporary procedure of about 6 months of practical use, and it helps you lose approximately 10% to 18% of your bodyweight, but with a change of lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise, the results after those 6 months can reach up to 30% or 47% of weight loss.
Medical tourism for gastric balloon procedure
If you are interested in this procedure and already had the chance to know how medical tourism works in Mexico, you will find in our network a bariatric surgeon in Guadalajara who specializes in this procedure. The certified bariatric surgeon in Guadalajara offers excellent health care services to international patients and provides a comfortable and pleasant experience to ensure good results. Visit the doctor's profile on our website and discover why he is the best option of medical tourism in Guadalajara for gastric balloon.
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