My duodenal switch success story with Guadalajara’s top bariatric surgeon

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Joseph, a 59-year-old Washington State native (Duodenal switch in Guadalajara), found out about Medical Tourism through a friend. “I have had weight issues since I can remember, but when I hit 50, my weight had really got out of control. I had severe sleep apnea, was diabetic, and was taking medicine for high blood pressure.” The realization of his condition came to him the day of his 57th birthday. For celebration, Joseph and his family decided to go on a camping trip to the Cowlitz Wildlife Area determined to spend a lovely weekend together.
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Sadly, their trip was cut short when Joseph started to experience a shortness of breath and swelling of joints because of the outdoor activities, no matter how light in intensity they were. “I remember it like it was yesterday!” said Joseph, “My body hurt, I moved slowly, everything was tight, I was exhausted, and I felt defeated.” Back at home, Joseph was unable to shake the thought that he had to do something about it. Almost immediately, he made the decision to lose weight. “The first thing I did was to buy a scale and measured myself: 350lbs. I started working out pretty regularly and got on every diet known to man, but no matter the food change or amount of activity, my body wouldn’t release the weight”.
The start of a journey
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Joseph felt he was going nowhere in his weight loss journey, so he began exploring the possibility of bariatric surgery. He read articles, watched videos, got informed about the different procedures, got to searching for bariatric surgeons in his city, and schedule appointments with several of them. “They made some studies; together we discussed the best approach for my condition and concluded that a duodenal switch was the best option for me, but after seeing the cost of the procedure, I immediately knew that I was unable to afford it.”
Joseph returned home a little disappointed by the news and started believing that he would never be able to lose the weight. “One day, I shared my situation with a friend, who noticed me a little thoughtful and asked me if something was bothering me, and as if by a stroke of luck, he brought to my attention the possibility of medical tourism.” Joseph had never heard of medical tourism before, but as soon as he returned home, he started researching the subject and that is how he discovered Medical Tourism Mexico. “After researching about the potential benefits of medical tourism, I needed to find the most convenient destination that would fit my budget and circumstances, so I took action and browsed the internet looking for the best bariatric surgeon for medical tourism and among the top search results was Medical Tourism Mexico, so I clicked on it and from that point on, my life changed forever.” In Medical Tourism Mexico, Joseph found Mexico’s top-ranked, certified bariatric surgeons and visited each of the doctor's profile. Once there, he was able to learn more about the doctor, see the medical facilities, read the patient testimonials and most importantly, he was able to read about the benefits of having a duodenal switch procedure done in Mexico.
Planning his medical trip
“I was amazed, I could hardly believe my eyes. The procedure I had been hoping for was almost a third in price compared to the cost I had been given in my hometown, and the facilities as well as the quality of doctors where on par with what we have here in the U.S.” Reading patient testimonials and considering his location and personal circumstances, Guadalajara became the best option for Joseph, so he got in contact with the clinic and asked for a quote. Once the quote came, he did the math. adjusted his budget and realized that indeed he was able to afford the surgery, flight and accommodation included.
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“The greatest part of this journey was the experience I had in the bariatric clinic. From the beginning of the journey when I attended a session that introduced the whole process, I was put at ease by the doctor. He explained everything in such calming and simple terms that I was encouraged to keep going on this path. All the activities leading up to the actual surgery were laid out with lots of consultations and reading, I felt prepared.” “The day of the surgery started early, but I had my surgery and left the hospital the same day. I followed the instructions for pre-surgery and post-surgery activity, and experienced minimal discomfort. It was truly an amazing experience. The support from the clinic is a critical part of the success for each patient, and they do an amazing job of providing critical information for recuperation.” Joseph spent 20 + years struggling with his weight and missed out on doing a lot of things because of it. He wishes he had started this journey a long time ago. “I no longer take any medications for high blood pressure or diabetes. I am on the lowest setting of my sleep apnea machine and hope someday to get off the machine completely. I cannot really put into words how medical tourism changed my life, but thanks to it, I have a chance to celebrate my new life.” To this day, Joseph is back in Washington State living his life to the fullest at 202lbs and doesn´t think twice about making a medical tourism visit to Mexico when he needs it.
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