The Gastric Sleeve and Its Impact on Weight Loss

Kurt Schaefer on June 27, 2022. Visit author social media
In this episode, we talked to Dr. Oscar Humberto Trevino, a general surgeon that specializes in bariatric surgery with over 15 years of surgical experience. We started the interview with a complete explanation of the difference between bariatric medicine and bariatric surgery, being the main difference in the ability to conduct weight-loss surgeries. The surgeon explained to us that the most common weight loss procedure that he does is the gastric sleeve which can help patients reduce their stomach up to 80%.
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This procedure is always performed in an operating room under general anesthesia and usually takes from 30 to 60 minutes to be performed. The bariatric surgeon is the only surgeon with the studies and knowledge to perform this procedure.
What can I expect on a bariatric surgery?
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Patients usually need one hospital night, and before being discharged the specialist makes sure that the results were as expected. After that, the patient is able to walk and can go home or to the hotel with a specific diet for the next couple of weeks. In some cases, the doctor will insert drainage tubes to monitor the results. The most common post-procedure situation is for patients to become dehydrated while getting used to the new size of the stomach, in this case, doctors advise patients to keep hydrated or if needed, go back to the hospital for a quick IV hydration treatment.
Suggestions for bariatric surgery patients
The doctor suggests that it can take from 3 to 7 days to get back to an almost normal routine. After evaluating the results and how the patient is evolving, the doctor will determine the best time to go back to normal. He also commented that in some cases, during the first 4 months, patients can experience hair loss due to the surgical experience or the calorie deficit of the body, but the hair will grow back to normal. Candidates for the gastric sleeve, need to be considered obese by body mass index or after other weight loss methods failed.
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Dr. Trevino talked about how the surgery changed some patients' lives and helped them do the day-to-day activities easier, from being able to tighten their shoe laces to carrying their kids without getting too tired. Find the doctor’s information under the bariatric surgery section or watch the complete interview by visiting the podcast section on our website.
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