Traveling to Guadalajara to keep my vision

Kurt Schaefer on September 02, 2021. Visit author social media
"I do not wish to give my name, but I do want to share my story. I am 56 years old (diabetic retinopathy in Guadalajara), and I am from New York, NY. Due to my diabetes, I began noticing that I was having eyesight problems, and my family doctor recommended that I make a visit to an ophthalmologist to get the health of my eyes properly under control. Thanks to regular checkups and understanding the causes of diabetic retinopathy, I was able to stay informed and manage the situation for several years, but eventually got to the point where I needed to have retinopathy surgery."
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"I am very happy with my ophthalmologist in Manhattan, and he is the best, however, to get the surgery done was a lot of money for me and I couldn't afford it. I had all the information on my medical history, so I just needed to find a place to get the surgery done at an affordable price. I went online and after checking a few, the Medical Tourism Mexico´s website grabbed my attention. I found that they were working with a hotel chain in Mexico and that they were and American-based company working with a bank in the U.S. that provides personal financing to U.S. citizens for medical tourism in Mexico."
Exploring the network of certified eye surgeons
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"I read and watched the videos and information about the retinopathy procedure, and everything looked legit and reliable, so I looked at their list of locations and noticed that they had a specialist in Guadalajara, a city I had visited when I was younger. I looked at the doctor's profile and when I saw the pictures of the clinic and the doctor's details, I was sold, and it made sense to me that if I was going to travel for surgery, I should choose a city familiar to me."
"I contacted the doctor and explained my situation, I asked my ophthalmologist to send him an email explaining my surgical needs and any additional information the eye surgeon in Guadalajara might need to perform my Retinopathy procedure. Since the procedure is performed the same way in Mexico as in the United States the doctors had no problem understanding each other and that made me feel more comfortable and secure."
An affordable medical trip
"Prior to my arrival, I asked for referrals to the doctor's office, I wanted to stay at the hotel but to have access to a 24-hour nurse for just a day or two the Guadalajara doctor provided me with information so I could be comfortable. Having all the basics ready, I traveled to Guadalajara and saw the doctor for a pre-op appointment, and paid for my surgery using my credit card (no problem there). I am happy to say that 6 months after my experience with Medical Tourism Mexico that everything went great."
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"When I returned home, I went for a checkup with my ophthalmologist, and he told me that the surgery had been a success. Overall, I am very happy, and I spent no more than $2,000 USD, airfare, hotel and meals included!"
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