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Colon cancer surgery is the most common treatment for colon cancer. The type of surgery depends on the size of cancer, its location in the bowel and whether it has spread to other organs. If you already have the diagnosis and want to save money on the procedure, get in touch with one of Mexico's top surgical oncologists located in Guadalajara; a proud member of our network.
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Early detection or stages
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Early-stage colon cancer is most often removed by performing a procedure called a local resection, in which the oncology surgeon uses a colonoscope to remove the cancer from the lining of the bowel, usually without cutting into the abdomen. Afterward, a pathologist will examine the removed cancer to determine its grade so that the surgeon can see if it is advisable to perform another surgery to remove more of the colon to ensure that no more cancerous cells are left behind.
More advanced stages
When the cancer is more advanced, surgery is performed to remove part of the colon, this is called a colectomy. The size of the colon that is removed will depend on the location of the cancer. There are 4 types of colectomy which are the most common: total colectomy (removal of the entire colon), hemicolectomy (removal of half the colon), left hemicolectomy (removal of the left half of the transverse colon and descending colon), and right hemicolectomy (removal of the right half of the transverse colon and ascending colon). These types of surgery can be performed as an open surgery or as a laparoscopic surgery, depending on the size of the cancer.
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