Why Mexico City is the best option to visit a cardiothoracic surgeon

Kurt Schaefer on September 22, 2021. Visit author social media
I love living in the United States; I truly believe that if you arrive at the ER you will get excellent care, not to mention that the medical staff area is exceptional. Unfortunately, once you’re out of there, it is very difficult to get an appointment with a good heart specialist. I know people who were taken to the ER by ambulance because they were having seizures and were stabilized right away, yet when they were suggested to visit a cardiothoracic surgeon for follow-ups, they realized that the nearest appointment was in 4 months’ time.
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For any person who got a good health-related scare, asking them to wait for news, follow-ups, or an actual diagnosis, just doesn’t work. In my case, having to wait in fear, uncertainty, and receiving no answers about my health diagnosis only makes me feel worse and I start to experience more symptoms. But fortunately, in cases like these, there is Medical Tourism.
Get in touch directly with the specialist
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We know that it is very common that specialists who work with insurance companies in the US and Canada are overbooked and do not have appointments available for months. In contrast, when you plan a medical tourism trip with a certified network of doctors, you can actually get access to the best surgeons in the country and you can schedule an appointment in less than a week. This is possible because medical tourism doctors understand that you only come to town to see them, so they are prepared to make time to attend to all your needs as a medical tourism visitor.
The best part is that you can start by getting in touch with a specialist, scheduling a virtual consultation, and taking it from there. Prices for heart surgery in Mexico City are up to 90% lower than in the US, so, even if you need multiple lab exams, surgeries, or consultations, it will end up being much cheaper and fast. From personal experience, I can share with you that I had a blood pressure issue. At the ER, the physician who took care of me suggested that I talk to a cardiologist, and when I tried to make an appointment, the nearest open date was in 6 weeks. That did not work for me, so I reached out to the cardiologist in Mexico City. Before anything else I got some tests done to see if I was clear to fly due to my condition, and when everything came out fine, I booked a flight to Mexico City and schedule my appointment with the specialist.
Visiting the top heart surgeon in Mexico City
On my first appointment, he made an overall check-up and instructed me to get a complete physical, blood work, and various types of short tests. I had all the tests done by the evening and received the results the next day; that same day I scheduled my second appointment with the cardiologist. All of this cost me less than $1,000 dollars, including airfare and treatment; then I headed back home to the US. Without a doubt, Medical Tourism is an excellent option for anyone looking for timely treatment and to save money in the process. We invite you to visit the top cardiologist in Mexico City and get the treatment you need, fast.
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