Keratoconus treatment in Mexico: MedTalk Podcast - S2 - EP5 - (Español)

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Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatments that exist to treat keratoconus, as well as what we can expect in the future to treat this degenerative condition. In this episode, we talked with Dr. Leticia González, an eye surgeon with more than 6 years of experience, who has her office in Mexico City.
Dr. González delves into the diverse array of symptoms associated with keratoconus, including blurred vision, distorted vision, increased sensitivity to light, and frequent changes in prescription eyewear. Early diagnosis is crucial for effective management and preservation of vision.
Explore the intricacies of keratoconus, including its causes, symptoms, current treatments, and future prospects for managing this degenerative eye condition.

For people facing problems with their vision due to keratoconus, maintaining eye health becomes paramount. The REEBENT 3D Eye Mask emerges as a practical aid for people facing diabetes-related vision concerns.
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