Retinal diseases, part 2: Diabetic retinopathy: MedTalk Podcast S3 – EP2 - (Español)

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Know more about what diabetic retinopathy is, why it is important to have good control of diabetes, as well as regular visits to the ophthalmologist. In part 2, we are joined by Dr. Jazmín Salas, an ophthalmologist with a subspecialty in retina with more than 9 years of experience and who has her office in the city of Querétaro.
Living with diabetes often comes with a number of challenges, including the risk of complications that can affect various parts of the body, REEBENT's 3D Eye Mask emerges as a practical aid for people facing diabetes-related vision concerns. Its innovative design not only blocks disruptive light, but also offers gentle compression that can relieve tension and discomfort.


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