Patients experience with Medical Tourism

Learn about our patient testimonials attending our clinics in Mexico.

Robert Brown
bullets The treatment I received for my shoulder was top notch, the orthopedist and his team were there for me during the whole process and not to mention the significant amount of money I saved, I really do recommend traveling to Mexico for health care
John P
bullets Dr. Olivares is patient and professional. He discussed the issue and presented options. He was present with the supporting departments and was sure I understood each step of the process. Thank you for making me as comfortable as possible with the process.
bullets Excellent service!
bullets Part 2 of my review …. From the get go, Dra Briceno has been amazing, supporting all the way, from the lodging to convalescing, and that includes multiple questions, pre and post surgery. Supportive and available she’s been during all the process, and with such professionalism, exceeding all expectations we could of had, from the incredible human touch to the medical aspect perspectives. If any of you reading my review have any doubt or concern regarding having it not an intervention, I strongly recommend to communicate with Dra Briceno. I would also be very happy to discuss with in more details our experience. Merci beaucoup Doctora for the great service, and all you’ve done for my mother. She’s now smiling, laughing without being concerned of people’s judgment. We’ll never forget about you. Kind regards from all of us. Sincerely, Marie
bullets Hello! With this message I would like to share my experience with Dra Anel Briceno. I’m writing on behalf of my mother, as well as myself to recognize the great service we have had with Dra Briceno. My mother has had a partial facial paralysis for the last 25 years, and going through tough moments trying to accept the paralysis and the multiple struggles it has had on her. It’s been difficult. And for years she’s been looking at different types of treatments and available intervention options - to not only improve her condition, but also to improve her self esteem without being so afraid of her reflection in the mirror. Our experience now! From the moment we met with Dra Briceno we felt comfortable and received the greatest service we could have hoped for. Explaining us about her condition, available options, the procedures themselves, and the associated prices. (Please see the next review of the rest of my message)…
Sophia M.
bullets Attentive doctors and clean facilities. I love them!
bullets Excellent services!
bullets i love my visit to tijuana